Help with Your New Android TV Media BOX- Kodi Addons

This Android TV BOX Help Section is Strictly For Testing Purposes




How do these TV Boxes work?

These boxes use your internet connection to stream content to your tv. You will have access to live tv, sports, movies, etc. The box catalogs links on the internet that match up with what you’re searching for.
For example if you want to watch Season 4, Episode 3 of a show, when you select this on the Android Box, you will get hundreds of links to that particular episode. You simply choose a link and the episode plays. It works the same for movie



Is my internet fast enough?

To find out your download speed go to www.speedtest.netSpeeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)
SD Minimum 2Mbps
SD recommended 5Mbps
HD Minimum 5Mbps
HD recommended 10Mbps



How do I connect to the internet?

In order for your Android-Kodi-XBMC Smart TV Box to work it must be connected to the internet. It can be connected either using WiFi or directly using a standard Ethernet cable (not provided).
To connect directly simply use a standard Ethernet into your modem or router and the other end into the Ethernet port on the back of your Android-Kodi-XBMC Smart TV Bo


WiFi Setup



When I select the program or movie I want to watch all I get is a bunch of links?

These links represent different sources for the content you want to watch. Especially in the case live sporting events or current movies some of these may not work.
Some may also be better quality then others. You may need to try two or three to find the content you’re looking for.

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